New Entrance Foyer Planned

Plans are in hand to build a new entrance at the front of the building that will be known as Phase 8 of our Building Programme, Once again this is subject to securing sufficient funding to meet the cost of the project. The entrance will be built on the area between the gent’s toilet and the kitchen annexe providing a good size reception area with common access to all parts of the building, including the accessible toilet. Wall and floor space will be provided to display community material and information and it will also serve as a breakout area for events and meetings. The project was tabled at the Village Hall AGM held late November 2012 when those present expressed overwhelming support in favour of the proposal. During the next few months we will be applying for Planning Consent and preparing applications for external grant funding. Associated with this work is the need to consider the provision of natural ventilation throughout the main hall.

 Peter Turner

Vice Chair 26th. Jan 13


A plan on the New Village Hall Foyer can be downloaded here.