Village Hall History

A quote from the minute book of those who met in the Church Institute on Thursday 30th August 1945.

“The sole idea behind the Great Barton Thanksgiving Fund is that by this venture the parishioners will be able to show their gratitude to all who had served their country during the war and at the same time provide facilities for recreation upon their return as well as for the children.”
Aug 1945 - Public Meeting held in Church Institute to discuss the possibility of having a VH and a playing field.

Other notable extracts by Peter Turner from the 1945 –1965 VH Minute book 

Agreed to establish a committee and to call it “The GBTF”.

2 sites were suggested A (the area where the VH is located)

B Site off School Road opposite school lane.

Local fundraising events were held as it was estimated that over£1000 would be required for the project.

June 1947 - WSC Agr Comm agreed to offer 6 acres 1 rod 23 poles or thereabout as a playing field for the sum of £315.

A site for a VH was being included by Thingoe RDC as part of the housing development in the area. The current VH site and car park was eventually established with a 99yr lease.

Jan 1949 Redundant huts were located at RAF Honington and thought to be suitable.

These were made over to “The National Council for Social Service” who were prepared to finance the removal and re-erection at GB up to £1500.

The playing field was ready to sow.

Nov 1949 - Concern that “undue delays had occasioned”Mention of parts of the building laid on site.

Reason given was “awaiting licence from the Ministry of Education”.

Negotiations and modifications continued.

Sept 1950 Delay due to obtaining a timber licence.

Not until Aug 1951 First mention of a meeting held in the new hall but still reference to getting electric current connected to the premises so that the contractor could lay the floor.

Discussion re Arrangements to Open the Village Hall.

“Considerable discussion having ensued as to the person to be invited to open the hall and it having been suggested that a concert should be arranged in this connection”.

No further reference that this took place.

A lot of discussion about charges for the hall.

May 1952 they compared charges for halls in the Borough of BSE.

Athenaeum Hall only £11. 11. 0d up to midnight.

Hall and lounge £13. 6. .0d

Corn Exchange £6 17. 6p

Co-op Hall £2 2. 0p

Agreed for GB Hire of hall, cloakrooms,stage and dressing rooms£2.2.0d.

Piano 10. 0d

Kitchen 7. 0d

Crockery 16.0d + breakages

So after 6 years and a lot of hard work and dedication in 1952 the playing field and hall was provided.

Feb 1965 “The secretary noted that the past year had been notable in that the Village Hall had been purchased from the National Council of Social Services in the sum of £300.